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Remote and On-Site Helpdesk

Literacy and Skills Upgrade

Communication Strategies and Campaigns

Web Design & Development

Seabreeze Computer Services has been supporting and developing internet presence for clients since the web bagan, using the latest state-of-the-art technology to bring dynamic and engaging content to your audience.


App Design & Development

Publishing apps to the web has never been easier! Seabreeze can help you design, create, and publish to popular App Stores using iOS, Android and HTML5.



Public or Private, Fortune 100 or Not-for-profit, Seabreeze can help you make the best of technology work for you! Some of our valued customers include;


Expert Service for Fortune 100 and SOHO individual operators alike, Seabreeze provides seamless solutions
 from Aquisition to Security and beyond

When other IT departments need an assist, Seabreeze makes it easy.

Editorial Support

For both small and large scale publishing firms for printed and online media.

Workflow, data management and personalized helpdesk —

both online and in person.

(Quark Publishng System, Adobe InDesign CC, HTML5 and more!)

Non Profit

Practical solutions at any scale, from media to administration, Seabreeze works with Non Profit Organizations to make best use of new digital tools.

Media Campaigns

Digital campaigns are more than ever a popular way to reach audiences. Both in Public and Private roles, Seabreeze has been a strategic partner in building successful campaigns for decades.

Virtual Campus Online

VR Campus for the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University, re-creating Sage Hall, Utica NY


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