René Joseph Coté III was born the same year email was invented. He was raised near the Atlantic Coast in the midst of the personal computer revolution. By age 6, he had programmed his first interactive text adventure game, and was beta testing titles like “Donkey Kong Junior” in the labs of COLECO, where his dad worked in research and development building 8-bit consoles and PCs.

At 15 he installed his first modem on his mom’s home PC, and taught himself how to connect with BBS chat rooms and online communities around the world.  This young entrepreneur began performing onsite service calls as a consultant the next year. In that year, he graduated high school and acquired a Certificate in Mainframe Administration.

As a boy he discovered his love for sailing aboard schooners on Long Island Sound.  While an undergraduate, RJ took up sailing on Tampa Bay and became an instructor for Red Cross basic sailing and canoeing classes.  Becoming President of the writers club, a member of the honor society, and student government gave RJ an appreciation for the craft of non-digital art, language, and literacy. He discovered an enjoyment of sharing his insights into technology, providing solutions, and improving relations between computers and the people who use them every day.  Apple Computer hired RJ to be their ‘Authorized Product Representative’ in South Florida during the introduction of the first color Macintosh.

Seabreeze Services was formed in 1992 to allow RJ to share his knowledge with individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses. The client list grew to include Fortune 500 companies, large film studios, book and magazine publishers, as well as education and government institutions.  He is called upon to help solve IT problems when other experts cannot.