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USS Helena Project

Articles about the rebuilding of the USS Helena, CA-75 in SL

Gallery: USS Helena tours the Kingdom of DeMolay

Special thanks to the crew of the USS Helena, CA-75 and David Brouchoud, former webmaster of the USS Helena Organization website. Much respect goes out to all vets on Veterans’ Day 2013!

Helena tourSnapshot_013


Gallery: Fog Effects in KoD

Sailing regions in KoD are taking on a mysterious, foggy look these days!



Video: Rezzing USS Helena CA-75 in InWorldz

David, this ones for you and the guys of the USS Helena Veterans Association. Work continues steadfastly on the development of the model ship in full detail. I want to transfer this inventory to you with full permissions to bring her up to speed. Space is an issue, finding a berth for her will be a challenge, since you basically want an entire sim for the work to complete. Check with InWorldz for more info.

Gallery: USS Helena at night

Brooding and quiet, the USS Helena, CA-75 awaits a new tour of duty in Unity3D.

Video: USS Helena v1.01

She is freshly imported, and still a little below expectations. A brief touch up and replacement of one of the turrets with a high-definition variety, and the progress toward USS Helena is being made. In preparation for the NY Boat Show, the Helena v1.0 is ready. After hearing feedback from USS Helena Organization Members, improvements were made, such as textural replacements and installation of hi-detail 5/38 Mk II Twin turret at position #1 forward… slowly the Helena (version 2.0) will need a retooling. That includes rebuilding her in full scale in a professional 3D program for use in future work.


Gallery: USS Helena in Boston Harbor


Video: USS Helena on YouTube

Big Thank Yous to Bobcatt Nielsen for this!

USS Helena on New World Notes

The Helena project has gotten a big boost from recognition by Hamlet Au at New World Notes.

Gallery: USS Helena CA-75 in SL™


The USS Helena was commissioned in 1945.