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Gallery: 19th Century Society Monkey Fist Excursion aboard Pioneer

Gallery: Ellenville NY Depot

image (more…)

Gallery: Graf Zeppelin SL Film Stills

Demo for deisgning airships, this is based on a plan from 1928-29.



Bro Paul

To all my relations….
Tonight I celebrate a warrior whose spirit will be forever with us, a role model to those who live and love in light and fight for the less fortunate, whose passion will ignite a fire within us to serve good and heal us. Forever my brother Paul, wherever you are I know you are looking out for us. Amen.

Steve Jobs RIP

Safe travels, star child.


Gallery: San Diego Museum of Art in SL™

Gallery: Nice Photos by Prandi Capalini!!

I was delighted to see these wonderful photos of my recent work taken by Prandi Capalini on SLUniverse!

Legend City Online

Ok for those of us who are following along, Second Life is an online perpetual simulation or virtual world.

Ok Second Post

well I have been out for a great day sailing and with an invite to go to Martha’s Vineyard aboard a 65′ Vagabond cruiser.

Hello world!