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Gallery: 19th Century Society Monkey Fist Excursion aboard Pioneer

Gallery: Ellenville NY Depot

image (more…)

Gallery: Graf Zeppelin SL Film Stills

Demo for deisgning airships, this is based on a plan from 1928-29.



Bro Paul

To all my relations….
Tonight I celebrate a warrior whose spirit will be forever with us, a role model to those who live and love in light and fight for the less fortunate, whose passion will ignite a fire within us to serve good and heal us. Forever my brother Paul, wherever you are I know you are looking out for us. Amen.

Steve Jobs RIP

Safe travels, star child.


Gallery: San Diego Museum of Art in SL™


This project was comissioned by the owners of Solace Beach Estates in Second Life.  A replica of the RL gallery and main building in Balboa Park, this one includes a shared media review of the park in 1915 (Thanks to the American Memory Project at the Library of Congress).  These snapshots may look a little different, they were taken using the Kirstens Viewer (S19) with shadows enabled! More to come… (more…)

Gallery: Nice Photos by Prandi Capalini!!

I was delighted to see these wonderful photos of my recent work taken by Prandi Capalini on SLUniverse!

Legend City Online

Ok for those of us who are following along, Second Life is an online perpetual simulation or virtual world.  There are new cousins of SL showing up on the internet.  One of the few alternate virtual worlds that has an economy is called Legend City Online.

Some weeks ago I was invited to log in to LCO as a Textures R Us artist and begin to populate this new virtual world with content by Lillybeth Filth, the owner of TRU.  Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with Lala Legend, the personality and energy behind Legend City, after responding to a classified for a welcome center freebie store.  I was lucky, to say little of the chances, to get a prime location directly in front of the welcome center’s great recreation of Grand Central Terminal.  It is a beautiful peice of work, and if you havent been to LCO yet, it is worth the visit just to see it!

Ok Second Post

well I have been out for a great day sailing and with an invite to go to Martha’s Vineyard aboard a 65′ Vagabond cruiser.  She is big, and heavy, and beautiful.  The day was awesome for sailing to Old Orchard Shoal Light in Raritan Bay, across the Ambrose Channel from our ‘little bathtub’ as I like to call Rockaway Inlet.

I did get some snaps off of the trip – which I think reflects the day well: (more…)

Hello world!


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