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RJ at play

Gallery: More Lighting Effects, Graf Zeppelin SL Interior



Gallery: Photo Tests, Graf Zeppelin in SL

Build progress continues, testing lighting effects

Gallery: Graf Zeppelin SL Film Stills

Demo for deisgning airships, this is based on a plan from 1928-29.



Gallery: Graf Zeppelin Improvements

As a research project, I looked up the plans for the zeppelin / rigid air ship Graf Zeppelin and proceeded to build her in my spare time in SL. It was a familiarization effort, to get to know the subtleties of airship design and construction for use in a creative project for a client. Quite an education! Below are snapshots taken during the exercise:


Snapshot_288 (more…)

Gallery: Graf Zeppelin and The Man o War Floating Fort

Snapshot_273 (more…)

Gallery: Further Adventures in Illustration



Gallery: Ice Domes part 2 artwork




GIGAS8mmfilm (more…)

Gallery: Sketch of Lord Byron Airship



Gallery: RAW shots of avatar screen testing

Snapshot_142 (more…)

Video: 148th Street Sunset in Upper Manhattan