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May, 2015:

Video: Kat2 Kitt Memorial Trampoline Jump!


more Kat2 Kitt event info and pics here

Gallery: Lost a good one Today…

This is just the pics Matt and I shared over the last two months in iMessage text chat.  In the reviewing of it, I feel like I can get inside his head a little, seeing the machinery working. A few made it to instagram, some were just for us. We shared a lot of interests, with the capital N in NERD.  We have a connection you and I, we both didn’t have to speak it to know it.  I’ll cherish every meal, every smile, every smirk you gave me my friend. And you gave. I feel your humor still speaking to me in these pictures. Love you and miss you.



Gallery: Ernestina of New Bedford Sailing Virtually in InWorldz Grid!


I’m really excited.  I don’t usually get excited often, but today I spent a little while tooling up and down the seaways of the virtual reality grid InWorldz with a model I built of the Ernestina, based on the one I built in years past. I’m very pleased to see the scripts provided by BWind and adaptation to the physics of InWorldz resulted in one of the most fantastic representations of sailing virtually that I have seen.  And I’ve been looking.  Thank you to the folks who are developing this like Tenbears Running of Scrimshaw Boatworks and all the folks who are using InWorldz the way I envisioned the metaverse would look like in these early days.

I have documented here on this site over the years my attempts at a mock up of virtual boating environment.  In the 1990’s I used laughably slow computers to make some rudimentary data-driven simulations.  Today I can clearly see a path towards making this simulated boating skills tool a reality.  Working with great folks like mentioned here, a life saving tool can be realized, giving form to this dream of mine.