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August, 2013:

Gallery: Sailing Region Updates

The powerboat racing has begun in the Kingdom…




Gallery: Ernestina in MESH

Mesh is a different kind of 3D Model.  It allows a person to edit using the standard tools in 3D design and increases the flexibility and usefulness of models across many platforms.  It has been long anticipated for the online virtual world to begin to use the  same tools as film and game producers. Now that time has come! Kudos to the coders for this! ERN-MeshSnapshot_001


Gallery: Fog Effects in KoD

Sailing regions in KoD are taking on a mysterious, foggy look these days!



Gallery: Outer Brewster Island, KoD Sailing44



Gallery: Kingdom Sailing Regions: Ernestina

ernestina120years (more…)

Video: Cannon Shot Test in Kingdom of DeMolay

This is a test of vulnerability script provided by code genius Dale Innis – Thank you Dale for phase I success! Tall Ships (any object) are able to take damage with cannon fire from the fort ramparts.


Phase II will be to apply a sinking action triggered (instead of disappearing instantly) upon receiving a number of hits. Sound effects and visual effects with ka-power!

Phase III will include drivable ships with on board cannon (broadsides!)

Load testing of target drones: