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Gallery: Knaptrackicon Report

This is meant to outline the facilities at Danshire Yacht Club, Knaptrackicon and Slapdoogle properties.

Parcel land capacity: 9744
Parcel land impact:   6904
Available:                 2840

Parcel land capacity: 7485
Parcel land impact:     368
Available:                 7117

Clearing of the waterway in Knaptrackicon has progressed well, and waterway traffic is growing.

Current tenants: Danshire Yacht Club and Danshire Coast Guard marinas on the North side of the property.

Coast Guard has accepted this facility in Knaptrackicon, moved from their previous setup across the channel, and is using it now to conduct its missions. Big Thanks from Danshire Station crew!

South of the marinas is a new build: RJ Kikuchiyo has created a Town with spaces for shop rentals with room for special events.

6 Small Shops: approximately 32 Sq. M, or average prim count of between 16 and 32 (Max Capacity).

10 Large Shops, roughly double the size, average prim count between 32 and 64 (Max Capacity).

1 Extra Large Shop, with a clocktower that chimes the hours and a private office above with unobstructed views all around

Outdoor plazas which can support info cards or kiosks with additional vending possible, but not recommended.

Facing the channel are marked rezzing areas for visitors to set up for sailing. With autoreturn on, any place that is clear water should be ok as well.

Also on the channel is a place for large visiting displays including tall ships, and additional marina space when available.

Next Steps:
Remove Hatteras Replica Lighthouse (striped) and replace with SouthEast Block island Light, which is ready to go in that spot.

Consider having 16 prim displays of shop interiors as demos which can be deleted when shops are rented, no empty shops!

Reducing resources used. Now that the base concept is in place, it can be optimized for use and lower resources taken on the region server. (Convex Hull adaptation 2:1 reduction, Sculpty avg 6:1)

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