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June, 2013:

Gallery: Little Sable Point Lighthouse


Gallery: Knaptrackicon Report

This is meant to outline the facilities at Danshire Yacht Club, Knaptrackicon and Slapdoogle properties.

Video: Boston Light and Barque Sangres III

This is a shot of the helmsman position on board the tall ship Barque Sangres III virtually raising Boston Light from the South East, entering Boston Harbor.  Kingdom of DeMolay is a virtual world powered by InWorldz physX and developed by Boston Light Storytellers.


Gallery: Fastnet Rock in Blake Sea Crow’s Nest

“A monument to Sailors in Second Life and real world sailors alike,” was the mission for which this build was chosen.  From its first days marking the Blake Sea rocks in the Crow’s Nest sim, the virtual Fastnet Rock Light continues to stand watch. An immense effort and collaboration from all parts of the metaverse allowed this rather windy and wreck-prone spot a place for visitors to enjoy the waters of Blake Sea and find their way safely to their destination.  I recently was shown a blog entry about Fastnet from Inara Pey which highlights the lighthouse.  She also mentions the Fastnet Memorial, which is a real stone, kept within sight of the lighthouse (on a rare clear day) on the coast of Ireland.  On it are the names of sailors who have in their passing had great effect upon our modern day sport.  In the virtual version, the same is true, for each name on this new face carries with it important messages for all of us we can never forget.  Thank you Inara!cn-3_001 (more…)

Gallery: Kingdom of DeMolay Showcase Posters

Tags for the posters.. just a draft idea

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Gallery: Kaman Sea Sprite UH-2

My dad was a Navy Rescue Diver aboard these Helicopters in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  I always thought it might be cool if I could get him to tell me all the details about the times he flew in the UH-2, stuff that I could commit to this virtual flying model.  This is a draft, but it is starting to look right.  Paint and additional details to follow. Built in KoD Physics05 Flight Deck.