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May 26th, 2013:

Quest: The Inhospitable Host

The Place: Rhodes Old Town.
The Time: 1307.
The Actor: YOU.

The Templar Knights have been declared enemies by the Pope.
The Order is under threat.
The treasure of the Templar is secreted away to hidden parts of the realm.
Recently arrived by sea from the East, you are charged with finding what’s left of the Order, and helping preserve the legacy of the Knights.
This place was once a refuge for recovery from the Crusades, now it is held by those loyal to France’s Prince Philip, who look for Templar renegades and their treasure. ┬áThe treasure is real, the danger is ever-present, and the legacy of the Order is in your hands!

Start the new quest, “The Inhospitable Host”, at the Welcome area in Faith Island.