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May, 2013:

Gallery: AM Radio and The Far Away: Nostalgia comes to Kingdom of DeMolay

One of the most respected artists in my short virtual career has been AM Radio.

Quest: The Inhospitable Host

The Place: Rhodes Old Town.
The Time: 1307.
The Actor: YOU.

The Templar Knights have been declared enemies by the Pope.
The Order is under threat.
The treasure of the Templar is secreted away to hidden parts of the realm.
Recently arrived by sea from the East, you are charged with finding what’s left of the Order, and helping preserve the legacy of the Knights.
This place was once a refuge for recovery from the Crusades, now it is held by those loyal to France’s Prince Philip, who look for Templar renegades and their treasure.

Gallery: Sailing Ideal 18′ on Tampa Bay

Virtual or Real Sailing


Video: Kingdom of DeMolay Sailing region, Boston Harbor

Gallops, Hangmans, Georges, and Lovells Island are in their first round of development, making ready for a film to be shot on these locations in the near future! Schooner Ernestina is in good shape for filming. Below are two raw reels of RJ sailing in the Kingdom.





Gallery: Hangman’s Island, Boston Harbor

The starting point for the sailing region, Hangman’s Island is a bump of sand in Boston Harbor.

Gallery: Gallops Island, Boston Harbor

Work has begun on Gallops Island, another part of the Kingdom of DeMolay sailing regions. This is the first revision since landforms have been added. To be added: More plants. Work continues on Lovells Island, to come!



Gallery: George Washington Masonic Memorial Replica Room

GWSnapshot_002 GWSnapshot_001 GWKoDSnapshot_001KoDWMMSnapshot_018 KoDWMMSnapshot_017 KoDWMMSnapshot_016 KoDWMMSnapshot_015 KoDWMMSnapshot_014 KoDWMMSnapshot_013 KoDWMMSnapshot_006AW22LodgeSnapshot_005 AW22LodgeSnapshot_003 AW22LodgeSnapshot_002

Gallery: Fort Warren, Georges Island, Boston Harbor

The grid continues to grow, and with the addition of 100 new sims, the time has come for work to continue creating a replica of Boston Harbor in a virtual sailing experience. Script development continues, and as an early test powerboat physics are working wonderfully!