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Gallery: Things to Do in The Kingdom of DeMolay

Objective: To provide the demographic user base a use-case description to encourage discovery of the Virtual World, the Kingdom of DeMolay.


1) Welcome Area, Stadium – Introducing the Kingdom of DeMolay:
In a world where you are able to discover the past, present and future of DeMolay, your PC becomes a time machine. The virtual world is full of potential; listen to a presentation by DeMolay Members, Advisors, and representatives. Meet your peers in a shared environment you help create, learn about what it means to be a DeMolay member.

2) Mont Saint Michel – History and Architecture:
The past comes alive in this acclaimed virtual example of a more than one thousand year-old World Heritage Site, located on the Normandy Coast. World-class epic grandeur, a setting for Role Play of knightly virtues, and more!

3) Grand Masters Palace – Chapter Room and Ritual Preparation:
Amid the mediterranean islands, in the Templar Knights fortress of Rhodes, a chapter room holds a key experience for all DeMolay members. Visit the city, take refuge in the houses of worship, uncover the secrets of the Grand Master! Defeat the dark forces that are entombed in the catacombs of the palace, RPG style

4) Rhodes Old Town Market – Avatar Customization:
Your avatar is your presence in the virtual world. Specially designed outfits, hair, and accessories to create a look for your character that is uniquely yours. A marketplace for creations you design, create, and sell, using in-world currency!

5) NEMO – Jules Verne and Undersea Mystery:
Steampunk and Sci-Fi fans will appreciate this creative wonderland with themes from Nikola Tesla to Jules Verne. Extreme automaton inhabitants will pique your curiosity, leading deeper into the mysterious deep ocean city…

6) Floating Castle – Sweethearts and Dancing:
Beautiful creation of the ultimate fantasy environment, floating above the clouds. Dancing, chivalry, tournaments. The sweethearts gather in their own castle, complete with hidden mazes and delightful discovery.

7) Building Circuit – Self-Paced Tutorials for Content Creation
Now you can create 3D objects, places, and experiences using tools included with the Kingdom of DeMolay viewer to design your own experience and share it with your peers. Mentors are also giving classes to share their expertise in content creation for the next century. Dream it, create it, share it!

8) Giant Treehouse:
Today we can envision a fantasy world where the giant Banyan tree becomes an ecosystem unto itself! Tiny furry animals are seen here, stop one and ask what they’re up to!

9) Realm of Education:
A place for gathering and learning. Presentations are delivered here as well. Nationally recognized long-distance learning portals like the Kingdom of DeMolay have provided access to advanced graduate level programs online. A Gathering Hall and Specialized Lab facilities are located here. In the surrounding landscape, DI Regions have private land for development with the Education portal at its hub.

10) Boat Racing, Sailing, – Simulation:
This scale replica of a New England harbor is used to provide a setting for practicing safe boating skills, as well as old-fashioned powerboat races! Encounter the ships of the past and present, design the sea power of the future! Learn about the ecosystem of a harbor or estuary by walking the beaches and discovering the inhabitants of this wet environment!

11) Off Road and Vehicle Track – Crater Lake:
Motocross racing, rally driving track. This landscape features a soccer stadium, forests, rivers and streams in a Pacific Northwest theme. Off road 4×4 vehicles or flying machines, this physics testing facility has room for your experimental vehicle!

12) Lunar Explorer – Discover the future:
The next frontier in human habitat outside of Earth’s atmosphere — The Moon! Actual mission training using expert educators to provide participants with a new appreciation for the space program and its future…

13) Unity3D:
Distributed delivery of high quality content using the world-wide-web, Unity3D is fast becoming the standard for the industry. Here you will find the next-generation tools at work designing games using professional studio tools and workflow.

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