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June, 2012:

Video: Flight Physics in the Kingdom of DeMolay



Video: What is the Kingdom of DeMolay?

Gallery: Things to Do in The Kingdom of DeMolay

Objective: To provide the demographic user base a use-case description to encourage discovery of the Virtual World, the Kingdom of DeMolay.


Gallery: Barge Operations, Supply Drop at Sailors Cove SL™


Gallery: Load Test Day 1


Gallery: Media Delivery on Faith Island, Kingdom of DeMolay Virtual World

In preparation for the open house in June, Development Staff are asked to qualify as DeMolay Advisors, using inworld media, that process gets more convenient! Parcel media can be set to any URL for display on the big screen here in the arena, or any surface chosen for this purpose.  A slideshow (typically in PowerPoint format) is shown here being presented alongside the video for DAD Training (Phase Two), part of DeMolay International Advisor Development program. (more…)