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April, 2012:

Video: Space1999 on Kingdom of DeMolay

I couldn’t resist this – Eagle 1 and Moon Base Alpha from Space:1999, a late 70’s TV Show. Showing some of the vastness of the 1:200 scale Lunar Surface Model in the Kingdom of DeMolay;



Gallery: Moon Set resources

These are all the heightmap images I could find on the web, for data regarding locations on the moon that can be reproduced in the Kingdom of DeMolay:

Gallery: Kingdom of DeMolay Luna Megaregion

At long last, we have arrived on the Moon! NASA DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data was used to create accurate height maps.  The data provided is 7 meters per pixel, so scale is a bit off (approx. 1m:50m), a bit like a table-top simulation of a large part (5km square) of the lunar surface. This is an expansion of an earlier single-sim project of the same surface elevation[video here].  1/8th gravity means this turbo-charged golf cart gets big air! Tons of fun can be had trying to jump across the many craters and basins.

Gallery: Wildstar Beaumont

A nice surprise greeted me when I browsed to – I found this pic taken near Fastnet Rock:

Gallery: St. Charles in SL™

Ok. I keep seeing things I want to improve, and the last set of pictures provided lots of comparisons with the photos of the real place.  Presented here is the result.  Can you see any improvement?


Gallery: New Toulouse updates

New Toulouse St. Charles Sim has been scheduled for an exhibit of the Kiku Klassics, and some new work, based on the Belle Harbor Yacht Club. A special nod to the local folks out there in Far Rockaway!  The photo shows the original in 1914.  This will form a gallery space and welcome area for the surrounding sim. Also during this time, a re-building of some lighthouses will take place  – my SL work in 2006 – these classic builds will be given a retrofit using the newest techniques and tools available.  Thank you to Steadman Kondor and the New Toulouse Estate for this wonderful invitation!