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April, 2012:

Video: Space1999 on Kingdom of DeMolay

I couldn’t resist this – Eagle 1 and Moon Base Alpha from Space:1999, a late 70’s TV Show. Showing some of the vastness of the 1:200 scale Lunar Surface Model in the Kingdom of DeMolay;



Gallery: Moon Set resources

These are all the heightmap images I could find on the web, for data regarding locations on the moon that can be reproduced in the Kingdom of DeMolay:

Gallery: Kingdom of DeMolay Luna Megaregion

At long last, we have arrived on the Moon! NASA DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data was used to create accurate height maps.

Gallery: Wildstar Beaumont

A nice surprise greeted me when I browsed to

Gallery: St. Charles in SL™

Ok. I keep seeing things I want to improve, and the last set of pictures provided lots of comparisons with the photos of the real place.

Gallery: New Toulouse updates

New Toulouse St. Charles Sim has been scheduled for an exhibit of the Kiku Klassics, and some new work, based on the Belle Harbor Yacht Club. A special nod to the local folks out there in Far Rockaway!