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January, 2012:

Gallery: Kingdom now has Sunlight and Shadow

With the advent of a new beta testing viewer (Phoenix Firestorm), the Kingdom of DeMolay now has full functionality in new features including media on a prim, faster rez times, shadow effects, and importantly, mesh model viewing capability.

Gallery: USS Helena at night

Brooding and quiet, the USS Helena, CA-75 awaits a new tour of duty in Unity3D.

Gallery: Lora Chadbourne’s Snowflake Lunar Lander

OK – NASA has some assets that are in limbo due to funding, and they may just be recovered to the Kingdom of DeMolay! Imagine, a moonscape and learning area for deployment of prototype lunar facilities! Lora Chadbourne, who I know in SL as an amazing builder, has produced the Snowflake lunar module, a high-quality reproduction of the Apollo Landing Modules used by NASA in the RL moon exploration programs.

Video: Fastnet Light in SL™ v2.3

The same lighthouse, with shadows and depth of field, gives a subtle improvement to the presentation of Fastnet in Second Life.


The Fastnet Rock Lighthouse in SL ca.2009, along with Boston Light and Orient Point from the same period:

Video: Exploring Rhodes, Virtually

Video: USS Helena v1.01

She is freshly imported, and still a little below expectations. A brief touch up and replacement of one of the turrets with a high-definition variety, and the progress toward USS Helena is being made. In preparation for the NY Boat Show, the Helena v1.0 is ready. After hearing feedback from USS Helena Organization Members, improvements were made, such as textural replacements and installation of hi-detail 5/38 Mk II Twin turret at position #1 forward… slowly the Helena (version 2.0) will need a retooling. That includes rebuilding her in full scale in a professional 3D program for use in future work.


Gallery: What is a Megaregion?

A Megaregion is a combined area of more than 1 simulated region, called a “sim”, which is typically 256m x 256m. In the case of the Kingdom of DeMolay, we are talking about 4 x 4 sim area (or 1024m x 1024) of about 1 square kilometer.

Video: Sailing in Opensimulator 0.7.2