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September, 2011:

Gallery: Sanibel Island Light SL

A work in progress for the newly created North Sea of Fruit Islands Estate in Second Life, an online virtual world. A real tropical icon, this lighthouse (and its sisters) are a classic view of turn of the century lighthouse building at the dawn of the industrial age. All iron fittings and chainplates, this style was adopted for shoals and outlying sandbars due to its ease of construction and durability. This SL version has a red sector in the lantern.


Video: YadNi’s Mont St Michel

Gallery: Return to the Kingdom

After a hiatus I am back on the job in the Kingdom


Gallery: Schooner Mystic Whaler

Been a while! a three day voyage aboard the Schooner Mystic Whaler was a welcome way to return to New York after an adventure in Florida. below are some of the highlights caught on my camera phone: