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August, 2011:

Gallery: Server Abuse!!

The following three screenshots shows the progress and result of copying an entire sim, restoring it to a different grid location (after a backup of the sim used as ‘scratch’), performing a single drag-and-drop maneuver taking 12,500 prims (the standard full sim in SL allows 15k max). about 260MB of data transferred in about 40 minutes in the Kingdom of DeMolay. The scratch sim was restored, and a successful result allows us to export the OAR server file to mesh with the help of Chris Collins at Tipodean. At first there was a prim explosion spread across the grid, followed by a 0.4 FPS, with 300% Packet Loss, and ping time reported at over 12000ms. The viewer finally crashed, and after verifying the mont st michel v3 was in place, restored the scratch sim to its original state. Relieved this only had to happen once. I think the lights at the server farm dimmed over that time! Definitely Server Abuse!