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June 15th, 2011:

Gallery: Web Viewer and Imprudence Comparison

Today I found a cool discovery on the web: a viewer for SL / Opensim produced by Tipodean, and it looks promising! It uses the Unity plugin available here to render a 3D experience using the web browser as the viewer.  Very Cool indeed.  I took the same shot in two different viewers to compare…

You can see some notable differences such as the Unity viewer has no appearance set up, and the textures render on the mesh rather awkwardly. This is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Gallery: Shadow Client for New Macs now available!

OMG! Ok I shouldn’t get so excited but the pics below are just the tip the iceberg for new pics taken with new shadow clients released today by Linden Lab and Phoenix/Firestorm Beta, now supporting 320M Graphics Chipset found in new-generation macs. Just what I needed; another reason to go into SL and take crazy snapshots!


Gallery: Kingdom Updates June 2011

Ok so about halfway through, we are starting to see some real fidelity in the harbor.  Set up the kitto+ scripted sailing in Mandraki Harbor, simple two buoys and two boats.  This is a small harbor with nice views of all around.