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June 9th, 2011:

Gallery: Kingdom of Demolay Origins

SL Grid – December 2010 – First DeMolay castle building


A baseline template for the castle in the Kingdom of DeMolay was to consist of fantasy elements, a setting for knightly challenges and conquests, lighting the imaginations of the members, mainly young men aged 15-21.

After many discussions and test builds, Rhodes was chosen from many Crusader Era castles for its role in the Knights story.  As a setting, the fortified port town presents a long and varied history for a number of tales, from the period of the ancient greek and roman temples, through the Knights era, even pirate tales of the Mediterranean sea, to the modern day Rhodes, a metropolitan beach resort town with a lively entertainment scene.

A rich cultural history such as Rhodes’ can be folded into the telling of the DeMolay story.  Included with this setting is a sense of discovery, a first-person interaction with a place comes within the context of DeMolay values.  This is free-form storytelling in a new media. (more…)

Gallery: Kingdom Progress Report

Work continues on the grid.  Below are some screenshots from the work in progress (halfway point in construction of Rhodes)