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June 3rd, 2011:

Gallery: Kingdom of DeMolay Test Photos set 1

This is a short run of about 200 photos for browsing for an upcoming photo session; mark your favs and send me the links to the images if you like them!


Gallery: Kingdom of DeMolay Test Photos set 2

Works by Jon “Keystone” Brouchoud, Sextan Shepherd, and Yadni Monde.  Importing Ernestina to Mandraki Harbor in the Kingdom of Demolay.


Gallery: Test Photos of Virtual Harbor at Rhodes

Something about a quiet harbor at sunrise is salve for the spirit.  I think the experience works well in Virtual Rhodes harbor! Programs designed to teach basic keelboat handling for real life sailing are offered here. It also reduces cabin fever!


Gallery: A Musical Interlude in the Formal Gardens

While wandering the grounds of the Palace of the Grand Master at the Kingdom of DeMolay Grid, I stumbled upon a formal garden with what looked like a tiny person standing near a piano, violin, and cello —