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June, 2011:

Gallery: Fresnel Gallery Exhibit

And now for something completely different! In an urge to break from medieval thinking, I was informed that a plot of land was made available for the Fresnel Lamp Ehxibit, sponsored by Steadman Kondor in Caledon Mayfair.  Thank you Steadman!  Below are just a few snapshots of the gallery space being built.  Fun Victorian – Steampunk Style!

Gallery: Kahal Shalom Synagogue, Rhodes

Just prior to the opening, I worked on the Rhodes Synagogue, which has some great reference materials on the website of the Rhodes Jewish Museum.  I am following up with a paint job for the interior and additional detailing.

Gallery: Open House and Crypt

This weekend, an open house demo of the grid is live at a DeMolay national conference.  It has been a great opportunity to introduce virtual world technology to a new generation of users!    Also putting some interior detail into the crypt – going for creepy!


Gallery: Web Viewer and Imprudence Comparison

Today I found a cool discovery on the web: a viewer for SL / Opensim produced by Tipodean, and it looks promising! It uses the Unity plugin available here to render a 3D experience using the web browser as the viewer.  Very Cool indeed.  I took the same shot in two different viewers to compare…

You can see some notable differences such as the Unity viewer has no appearance set up, and the textures render on the mesh rather awkwardly. This is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Gallery: Shadow Client for New Macs now available!

OMG! Ok I shouldn’t get so excited but the pics below are just the tip the iceberg for new pics taken with new shadow clients released today by Linden Lab and Phoenix/Firestorm Beta, now supporting 320M Graphics Chipset found in new-generation macs. Just what I needed; another reason to go into SL and take crazy snapshots!


Gallery: Kingdom Updates June 2011

Ok so about halfway through, we are starting to see some real fidelity in the harbor.  Set up the kitto+ scripted sailing in Mandraki Harbor, simple two buoys and two boats.  This is a small harbor with nice views of all around.


Gallery: Sulieman Mosque, St. Pauls Gate, and More…


Gallery: Kingdom of Demolay Origins

SL Grid – December 2010 – First DeMolay castle building


A baseline template for the castle in the Kingdom of DeMolay was to consist of fantasy elements, a setting for knightly challenges and conquests, lighting the imaginations of the members, mainly young men aged 15-21.

After many discussions and test builds, Rhodes was chosen from many Crusader Era castles for its role in the Knights story.  As a setting, the fortified port town presents a long and varied history for a number of tales, from the period of the ancient greek and roman temples, through the Knights era, even pirate tales of the Mediterranean sea, to the modern day Rhodes, a metropolitan beach resort town with a lively entertainment scene.

A rich cultural history such as Rhodes’ can be folded into the telling of the DeMolay story.  Included with this setting is a sense of discovery, a first-person interaction with a place comes within the context of DeMolay values.  This is free-form storytelling in a new media. (more…)

Gallery: Kingdom Progress Report

Work continues on the grid.  Below are some screenshots from the work in progress (halfway point in construction of Rhodes)


Gallery: Shooting Machinima at the Kingdom

The filming of a machinima (machine-made cinema) began shooting today at the kingdom.  I was so busy working behind the scenes I did not take more than this blooper outtake, but it was a great day to showcase the sims as the have developed (quickly) in the past three months.  There is still so much more to do! For the machinima, the raw footage will be edited and soundtrack applied, and even that oversimplifies what details need to be followed up on.  Many thanks! to MarillaAnne Slade for the hi res snaps of the place. It’s starting to look like something!