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June, 2011:

Gallery: Fresnel Gallery Exhibit

And now for something completely different! In an urge to break from medieval thinking, I was informed that a plot of land was made available for the Fresnel Lamp Ehxibit, sponsored by Steadman Kondor in Caledon Mayfair.

Gallery: Kahal Shalom Synagogue, Rhodes

Just prior to the opening, I worked on the Rhodes Synagogue, which has some great reference materials on the website of the Rhodes Jewish Museum.

Gallery: Open House and Crypt

This weekend, an open house demo of the grid is live at a DeMolay national conference.

Gallery: Web Viewer and Imprudence Comparison

Today I found a cool discovery on the web: a viewer for SL / Opensim produced by Tipodean, and it looks promising! It uses the Unity plugin available here to render a 3D experience using the web browser as the viewer.

Gallery: Shadow Client for New Macs now available!

OMG! Ok I shouldn’t get so excited but the pics below are just the tip the iceberg for new pics taken with new shadow clients released today by Linden Lab and Phoenix/Firestorm Beta, now supporting 320M Graphics Chipset found in new-generation macs. Just what I needed; another reason to go into SL and take crazy snapshots!


Gallery: Kingdom Updates June 2011

Ok so about halfway through, we are starting to see some real fidelity in the harbor.

Gallery: Sulieman Mosque, St. Pauls Gate, and More…


Gallery: Kingdom of Demolay Origins

SL Grid – December 2010 – First DeMolay castle building


A baseline template for the castle in the Kingdom of DeMolay was to consist of fantasy elements, a setting for knightly challenges and conquests, lighting the imaginations of the members, mainly young men aged 15-21.

After many discussions and test builds, Rhodes was chosen from many Crusader Era castles for its role in the Knights story.

Gallery: Kingdom Progress Report

Work continues on the grid.

Gallery: Shooting Machinima at the Kingdom

The filming of a machinima (machine-made cinema) began shooting today at the kingdom.