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May, 2011:

Gallery: Ippoton and the Cathedral of St. John

In 1854 the Cathedral of St. John at Rhodes was destroyed in a mysterious explosion.  Rumor has it there were stockpiles of black powder stored in the church, and it was never rebuilt.  Today, you can visit Virtual Rhodes and see the Cathedral where it stood, at the West end of the Avenue of the Knights (Ippoton).


Gallery: Kingdom of DeMolay updates


Video: Robbie Dingo’s BetterLife

This is an early SL machinima made by Robbie Dingo, and possibly one of the most influential for my virtual activities as far as compelling themes; providing an opportunity to explore unreachable places, times, and spaces with others. Enjoy! and Thanks Robbie!

Video: Rhodes Old Town Grand Master’s Palace


Gallery: Virtual World Updates

Gallery: Old Lighthouse at Rhodes