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April, 2011:

Video: The Rest of the Story

Sailing in SL. It is idyllic, it is calming. If you look closely you might spot a few RJ Kikuchiyo originals in there… mind you they are not all lighthouses!

Gallery: Rhodes Old Town Center

Hallelujia! I was able to learn from a meeting with Pathfinder from ReactionGrid how to hypergrid teleport — a connection has been made from the kingdom to the larger metaverse! I felt a little like Marco Polo making the silk road connection, traveling to other grids, including ReactionGrid and Jokaydia. ┬áThese virtual worlds have been in existence a lot longer and have generous OS Content creators allowing me to carry back to the kingdom many items we have needed, including trees, flowers, ships, animals, and clutter of all kinds! If YadNi has a freebie junkyard, the metaverse has a freebie continent! With this, and other developments, the kingdom is now able to sport the latest curiosities from the virtual world; see for yourself in the gallery… (more…)

Gallery: Rhodes Grand Master Palace