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March, 2011:

Gallery: Rhodes Old Town

Month 2 into the process of building Rhodes’ Grand Master Palace, and I have been revisiting the photo research pulled from the web of the medieval walled town. It has been an opportunity to view the place from the eyes of a tourist and even some out-of-the-way places. It’s also been a great history lesson!

Gallery: Rhodes Old Town updates

A lot of activity in a short amount of time! This is a long term project – but the endpoint is a reproduction of the Castle known as The Grand Master’s Palace in Rhodes, Greece.  Interiors, Exteriors, Attachments and Personal Gear, Animations, a full plate!  This will be ongoing for the next 3 months – it’s starting to look like a castle!  Thanks to Jim and Kat for all their help and direction!  Video:


Gallery: Rhodes Old Town in progress

Today was a good day.  The presentation for the project was accepted well with the board of directors, and the kids at my school will have a living history lesson opening for them through the virtual world.   (more…)