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September, 2010:

Sailing Directions Entering Dire Strait in SL™

Leaving Blake Sea, to Enter Dire Strait

when leaving Fastnet Rock south by east, you will find clear water to 6m for a distance of 4km you will find the stone-light at spyglass on your bow.  Bear N’ward to enter The Channel and leave the island at pslande on your st’bd for 2km.

Bear N by N.E. and leave the Lighthouse at Dex, a white tower showing red flashing every 4 seconds, on your st’bd at 300m. As you enter Heckendorf steer N by W to cross into the treacherous Four Corners until Mapple maintaining a n’westerly course until you enter Dire Strait on that heading for 1.5km.

Fall away to W by N.W. as you enter Elijah, as you approach Ahab’s Haunt be ware of the shallows good anchorage in the lee to the N and E’wd of the Bones. (more…)

Gallery: InWorldz New York City Virtually 1939; Brooklyn Bridge

In 1884, New York only had one crossing of the east river to the City of Brooklyn.  This well-found bridge would last centuries as an icon of a city full of potential, and is respected as a feat of engineering.  When Pan asked me to help build her vision of Old New York in InWorldz, I jumped at the chance.