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So you want to build in SL?

Building in SL is a lot like working with a lot of other media; you have to *want* to use the tools for visualization, and if you want it bad enough, you can realize your vision, no matter what.  It does seem hard if you have never picked up an atari controller, or enjoyed a good game of HALO (all the way through).   If you’re like me, and feel natural with a keyboard to roam through levels of a video game or use an ‘avatar’ to get through levels of Mario Bros. or other console games for hours, then you’re on the other side of what I would think is a gap – an experiential gap.

Thinking of the self-taught ‘masters’ of the past, I start to wonder if they were challenged by the kind of thoughts that there is an institution or society that must be able to indoctrinate you with the proper credentials to be taken seriously in the art field, or science, or just about any profession.

Then I start to think of the truly impressive and truly innovative work in Second Life that I have personally witnessed, both in social and technology areas.  Personally I believe the expression of an art form, media, 3D or otherwise, is not directly linked to the fluency in the tools, and value can be placed in the expression of an idea, at the source of the creative vision.

Our effort at a metaverse, this 3D world that users have created, represents a multitude of cultures, talents, and skill sets that adapt to what tools are available to express that idea.  Throughout history, this has been a constant and the realm of the artisan. What results from this mixture of tools and population can be revolutionary by itself, without regard to what media was used, or at what level of skill was applied.

Second Life represents a continuation of this disposition, allowing us to dig deeper into the experience of the creator, the expressionist. A three-dimensional canvas onto which our dreams and visions are reflected.  Some might choose an idyllic world, and that can be found in SL.  Others still would choose to gain knowledge and experience from roleplay which has value of its own in terms of social development.

In this way, Second Life is disruptive to the media business, but it is just the beginning, or is it more of the middle of the beginning, if you look back to other media disruptors in history. The printing press being one example.  The written word is an earlier technology that societies were able to engage and adapt, to allow better communication. Even these standards are not finite.

To summarize, if you want to build in SL, or have a vision that you want to share and express in the third dimension (four, if you count time), then you can start by doing it NOW. Find ways around the hurdles, develop relationships with those who have experience in that area and GO FOR IT.  Second Life does not limit human nature, it nutures it into a new generation of media, and we can accept that the next Edison or Tesla can come of this digital innovation laboratory.

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