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Gallery: Mowry Bay Yacht Club in InWorldz

Mowry Bay Yacht club is the first place I sailed in Second Life.  This is their place in a grid called InWorldz.

Days into my arrival in August 2006, I remember spotting a pair of avatars sitting on a sailboat near what I later found out was the Hepurn Race Line.  The rather green looking avatar responded instantly to my interruption asking if there was a place I could obtain a wearable virtual Personal Floatation Device; the answer came by an announcement that I had received a full-perm PFD, which means I could share it with others.  I thanked the stranger and was happy to discover nearby, a free Flying Tako 2.3 sailboat giver. I later learned that this be-goggled person also built the boat he was sitting in.  His name was Kanker Greenacre. How wonderful it would be to tour this newfound 3D place from the helm of a sailboat! I was impressed that there was ‘virtual wind’ and the controls were familiar to me from my RL sailing days.  Many joyful sails later, I returned to the maker’s home parcel in Gray to purchase the updated Flying Tako 3.2 (With a spinnaker! how amazing was that!).

Saxxon Domela, founder of the Mowry Bay Yacht Club (and may very well have been the other avatar in that sailboat with Kanker), invited (challenged?) me to construct the new MBYC facility in Inworldz.  The Quincy Yacht Club in Quincy, Massachusetts is the model for this draft.  More to come! You can visit the second home of sailing for Mowry Bay here.

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