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December, 2009:

Gallery: HR MS Büffel Long Room in SL™


A customer requested a meeting room for at least 10 avatars with a nautical theme.  With some research the Long Room of the museum ship in Rotterdam’s Maritime Museum was chosen.  Elegant, stylish, and definitely nautical in flavor, the long room was the perfect setting for meetings in Second Life. (more…)

Gallery: USS Helena CA-75 in SL™


The USS Helena was commissioned in 1945.  It is a Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser, or “Pocket Battleship.”  Extensive research has been done to faithfully bring this ship to SL.  The deck gun is to 1/2 scale, and the model of the whole ship is a sketch for progress tracking.  A full size Helena will take about 9 months to work up, to CAD quality detail.


Gallery: Owl’s Head Week 1

Had some time to work on this more, a 1/4 scale section of Maine Downeast Coast, near Rockland.  Prim trees were replaced with Linden pines since they are 1 prim each (prim saving factor 8:1)