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Gallery: Fastnet in SL™ Update

snapshot-_-blake-sea-crows-nest-102-99-30Ok so I have been late in updating the software on this site and held up this article for a couple of weeks.  Linden Lab, the creators and ‘men in black’ of the virtual world Second Life, have most agreeably put the Fastnet build in Blake Sea, an oceanic region of the grid, where many sailors will have a chance to see it, climb on it, get stuck in it, and all sorts of hijinks that can only happen on an isolated rock island in the middle of the ocean.  Maybe some sea creature will find its home there, who knows?  At this time, it is essentially understood that this section of the sea will not be changing imminently, and that Fastnet has a bright future ahead of it. *ahem* 😉

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