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May, 2009:

Gallery: Montauk in SL™ Revisited


Montauk Point Light Station is a fabulous gem of history, the oldest lighthouse in New York State, and the archetypical lighthouse in America.

Gallery: St Joseph North Pier in SL™

This Great Lakes pier sticks out from St. Joseph, Michigan into what is normally a head-on wind – what that means is SPRAY! lots of it!

Gallery: Fort Jefferson in SL™

snapshot-_-fort-jefferson-feoktistov-45-109-26A perennial stop on the cruisers of southern latitudes is Dry Tortugas National Park, 65 miles west of Key West, Florida.

Gallery: Fastnet in SL™ Update

snapshot-_-blake-sea-crows-nest-102-99-30Ok so I have been late in updating the software on this site and held up this article for a couple of weeks.

Gallery: Mystic River Highway Bridge in SL™

Built in 1923, the Mystic River Highway Bridge, or known to locals as “The Drawbridge” in the old New England village is quite a tourist attraction, and for good reason: it’s hourly raise and lower for nearly 90 years has been like a ringing of a bell, or more properly, the blowing of a horn from a bygone era.

The bridge gives the place a sense of charm.