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Gallery: Boating Images from Second Life

I was busy last week at the New York National Boat Show as a representative for the Foundation for Safe Boating and Marine Information, a not for profit i have been volunteering with for the last 12 years.  The booth this year contained a live demo of virtual boating in second life, projecting onto a large screen my activities in Second Life for a week (December 13-21, 2008).  

An excellent bit of coincidence was the ongoing SL Boat Show 2008 being held in Dears Garden with the sponsorship of disisme Misfit and many of the best builders and sailing special interest groups in SL! 

Second Life is a virtual world where you can enjoy watersports of all kinds without the cost of boating in real life.  Many had never seen a virtual world before, and some were very curious.  I am sure there were new accounts created from some of the attendees looking to explore this new boating experience.

Below are just some of the images and experiences shared with the meatspace boaters.

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