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Gallery: Gallops Island Ernestina v1.01 Update

Following the trip, I had a chance to work up some new details in the SecondLife™ version of Gallops’ Island.  Here is just a quick glimpse of what is added during my last visit – note the closer-to-real pier and the gazebo!

Follow up to this will be a custom riprap sculpty which better approximates the rough-hewn granite blocks surrounding Gallops’ Island today.  

Also moving forward on the Ernestina is the updated steering gear which now turns the rudder of the vessel, as well as pumping out the water belowdecks! That reminds me to put in the pumping animation and the pump handles.  

Scripting plans continue with adding a raise and lower sail animation, as well as a console for adjusting trim (perhaps a HUD will assist in this…), which also will be set up for raising and lowering anchor animations, then on to the running rigging!

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