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September, 2008:

Gallery: Ernestina Standing Rigging

More things are getting assembled at Boothbay in SL™ where the Ernestina Reconstruction is moving along.  More details and primitive building blocks should be added, but it is starting to look like a sailing vessel!


Gallery: Ernestina in SL™ September 2008

Well its been over a month since I was able to log back in to SL and of course, there she is, Ernestina, looking back at me and the urge to forge ahead wells up within me. Here is the result of 6 hours doodling with the main boom and rigging, including baggywrinkles on the stays. Next to come are lazyjacks and sheets.


Gallery: New Kiku*Craft Gardens at Amatsu Mitsukai

This is a re-creation of a zen garden at a Japanese temple from the 1800’s.  I thought it would be a nice thing, and to my surprise, the original architect of the garden left something special for us in the drawings!  When recreated, the vistas produced a wonderful sense of space; it was really gratifying to re-make this and since 2007 January, this has been sitting in my inventory unused.  So, here we are in 2008 and the updates in SL make it look even better.  Come by the garden and feel free to look around! Peace.


Made In SL by RJ Kikuchiyo

Made In SL by RJ Kikuchiyo * Click to View Animation *



Gallery: Touring the United Sailing Sims in Second Life™