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August, 2008:

Gallery 1: 2006

Some photos of my work from others on the grid

Ernestina in SL™

This is a snapshot of the Ernestina in SL, a reproduction of the State Ship of Massachusetts, a 114 year-old schooner built as the Effie B. Morrisey.  More about the RL Ernestina can be found at her website.


My first days in SL by RJ Kikuchiyo

in 2006, Second Life was still an experiment.  

After having broken my foot, I spent 2 weeks of bed-bound online looking around the web with my laptop for user guides, introductory statements, and general off-line information about this new virtual world.  I had seen a blurb in 2004 that mentioned a user-content 3D world, but it was a pay-to-play service.

I had read Snow Crash, and I thought I was hip to the ‘deckers’ and the ideas behind the cyberpunk genre of science fiction tales which had foretold of this new place. (more…)

Ok Second Post

well I have been out for a great day sailing and with an invite to go to Martha’s Vineyard aboard a 65′ Vagabond cruiser.  She is big, and heavy, and beautiful.  The day was awesome for sailing to Old Orchard Shoal Light in Raritan Bay, across the Ambrose Channel from our ‘little bathtub’ as I like to call Rockaway Inlet.

I did get some snaps off of the trip – which I think reflects the day well: (more…)

Hello world!


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